Subject: Happy New Year!
To: "Penny Hodges (
penny@pennyhodges.com)" <penny@pennyhodges.com>

Hi Penny

Dee & I wanted to thank you for all of your help, attention, professionalism and great company last year.  You made a normally stressful process fun and enjoyable for us and we appreciated the time and conversations.  Here is to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015 for you!

Dee & I have been at the condo every three weeks or so for long weekends and enjoy our relaxation at the lake.  I will see you sometime next spring and summer and bring you some local Pennsylvania treats.

Thanks again Penny.


John E. Campbell, CPA
Campbell &Sherbondy
108 Woodfield Drive
Greenville, PA 16125


Thanks so much for being a super Agent for us! I could tell from day one that we could trust you and that you wanted to see us get the right house. I felt that it was more than just a "Commission" for you and we really appreciate your honesty and for being so thorough.

I know it took me years to find the right home, and I'm glad you hung in there while I searched the web for homes, grumbling about prices! Lol You made the buying process super easy and thanks to Paula coming to your office, the entire thing was a breeze.

You will come highly recommended by us to all we know. I hope we can keep in touch, I feel like I've made a new friend. :) Take care and we will send pics as we make changes.

Best regards,


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"Why would anyone look elsewhere?" 
To anyone considering either buying or selling a home at Smith Mountain Lake, or in the area surrounding Smith Mountain Lake I recommend they work with Penny Hodges wholeheartedly.

I was not familiar with Smith Mountain Lake before purchasing a home there last August and spent quite a few months visiting and looking before making the purchase. Penny was a Godsend as she saved me countless time with her ability to quickly learn what my tastes were and to determine what I would be happy with Since I live in excess of a 4 hour drive from the lake it was imperative that I not waste time looking at homes that would not meet my needs. Penny would quickly sort through all the potential listings I had identified as possibilities and eliminated those that based on her professional and advanced personal inspection and deep knowledge of all the subtle differences each neighborhood and location held, had determined it would have been a waste of time. She also all but insisted we re-visit properties that may have been too quick to eliminate after the first visit. A Realtor that knows the area, the history, the community can save you literally thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours.

It was apparent that not only does Penny know just about everything and everyone at SML, everyone also knows Penny and holds here in high regard. She also was a true champion for me when it came time for negotiating a contract and ultimately closing. At no time did I ever have any thought but that she was looking about for what was in my best interest and was not afraid to tell me if she thought I was headed in the wrong direction. Her recommendations for home inspection and survey, literally saved me from a making a huge mistake with one of the first homes I put out a contingent contract on.
SML offers a tremendous range of properties, not only in price range but also in style, neighborhoods, and water-based amenities. There is truly no way I could have navigated the choices and ended up purchasing the home I did without wondering if I had missed something along the way without her help.

Its, sadly all to rare today to meet someone who personifies integrity and personal service in almost any type of business. I am glad to say that Penny is that rare exception who leaves you knowing you made the right decision. I can't begin to tell you how much Penny played in my feeling of confidence, and sincere joy I have in the selection of my retirement home at SML.

You might find others who can help you in your quest with similar qualifications and experience. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who can make you feel as good about your ultimate decision as Penny. You'll never find anyone more dedicated to making your experience as painless as possible, and then becomes a lifelong friend.
Why would anyone look elsewhere?

-- Barbara A. Hennessy
President, Command Decisions Systems & Solutions

We selected Penny based upon contacts and interviews. We actually shopped for a new home from out of state. Over many months, Penny kept us informed, including emails, of properties that met our requirements and personally took us on all of our numerous tours while accommodating our long-distance travel availability. During the period, her patience, flexibility, willingness to accommodate, helpful insight, honesty and extremely strong knowledge of the entire Smith Mountain Lake area became very apparent and extremely welcome. She was always respectful of our needs and desires and maintained a professional yet personal relationship. We did find the house of our dreams, and her help and guidance even extended beyond the closing. Penny has earned our highest praise, and we now consider her a friend for life.

The Drombetta’s

From: Hauck, Joe
To: Penny Hodges
Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 11:00 AM
Subject: Testimonial

Penny,Again, thanks for all you have done for us over the past 2 years. Below is our testimonial for your web page: We had been looking for our Smith Mountain Lake vacation home, which will ultimately be our retirement home, for more than 3 years. We were working with an agent who did little more than take us to homes we found ourselves on line. After a frustrating year and a half, we heard about Penny and gave her a call. Before showing us any homes, she spent a great deal of time getting a clear understanding of our preferences, areas of the lake we liked, price range, etc. Her intimate knowledge of the lake and clear understanding of our preferences made the ensuing process an absolute pleasure. Penny would point out not only the positives of a home and property but also the negatives, which several times could have resulted in a very expensive mistake. If a home or dock needed repair, she would call on one of her many contractor friends or subject matter experts to provide estimates and guidance. Penny's amazing energy and drive ultimately resulted in the ideal find but Penny didn't stop there. From offer to inspections to contract to closing, Penny stayed on top of the process to ensure everything needed was in place and on time.

What more can we say than Penny is amazing.

Carolyn and Joe Hauck

We want to contribute to the web site feedback and forwarding the following:

Penny's in-depth product knowledge enabled us to find our dream home on the lake after only one day of looking. She really understood what we were looking for and knows the market well.

Again, we appreciate your taking us around!

Theresa Newhouse
Providing over 25 years of real estate service!

RE/MAX Allegiance

We found Penny to be very knowledgeable about the Smith Mountain Lake area. Penny only showed us homes that were within our budget and had the features we had reviewed with her. She is very organized and responsive. Buying our Smith Mountain Lake house was the most positive real estate experience we have had. We highly recommend Penny as a realtor.

Tom & Julie Heller

When we decided to make Smith Mountain Lake our retirement home, we were advised to find a realtor that was intimately knowledgeable about the lake and surrounding area. We found that realtor in Penny Hodges. Penny initially started showing us homes and worked diligently to find one that would meet all of our requirements. When we decided to build a house, she turned on a dime and found us a lot that is now going to be the location of our dream home. 

Penny doesn't just sell real estate. From her knowledge of AEP regulations to contractor referrals, Penny is an invaluable partner with her clientele. She is at your side every step of the process.

We have worked with realtors in different locations throughout the years and have never met another who is so dedicated. Several Smith Mountain Lake residents told us that we had the Best Realtor on the Lake. After working with Penny, we have no doubt that they were right!

Dennis & Gayle

We contacted ~4 realtors after we had decided to look for a home at Smith Mountain Lake. Penny responded faster than anyone else and with a full list of properties within our boundaries. With each visit we narrowed our list and added those she thought appealing to us. She really understood what we wanted and optimized the time we spent looking. She really knew the lake and provided excellent advice navigating through location, code and compliance, price, statistics and ultimately our offer. Once our offer was accepted, she provided far more support after the sale and went far beyond the norm. She has become a friend in the process.

Eric Daniels

Penny knows the properties and gives accurate and clear information to her clients. She puts each client's interest ahead of her own interest. We enjoyed and appreciated Penny very much and will certainly work with her in the future.

Donna Pittman

Penny Hodges is an excellent realtor who will work very hard for her clients in finding the right home at the right price. She is professional and efficient and will go the extra mile for her clients to ensure a smooth closing.


Penny was a pleasure to work with. She took the time to fully understand what property characteristics we were looking for and did her homework to research properties such that our visit was efficient and effective. Not only was she able to find us a perfect home, she has continued to work with my family to help on other home-related matters including, landscaping, boathouse, and many other items, she is well-connected and respected. Thank you Penny for doing such a wonderful job for us!

Mark Thomson

I have known and dealt with Penny Hodges for over fifteen years. I have consistently found Penny to be of the highest professional caliber. She always knows the marketplace and really "looks after" her clients. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a truly professional real estate agent.

Jay Shoffner

Carol and I wanted to send you a note to thank you for all of your help in buying our lake house and what will hopefully become our retirement home. This is the sixth house we have purchased, but all of the others were our primary home. Buying a lake house was a different process for us, because there are so many other things to think about. Your experience, candor and knowledge quickly put us on the right path, and we could not be any happier with our new home. I also want to thank you for your continued responsiveness after our purchase. Your network of professionals to help us with home upkeep and to finish our basement has also been exceptional. We are very fortunate that we were able to work with your as our real estate agent and will gladly recommend you to anyone who asks.

Best regards,

Tim and Carol Walton

Penny Hodges was truly fantastic as our realtor! Over the years we have purchased seven homes and two lots...this was by far our best experience ever. Penny served exclusively on our behalf as a buyer’s agent and she tirelessly fulfilled her obligations over and above our expectations. She immediately created a portal for us to review and categorize MLS listings, allowing us to quickly sort through hundreds of properties and create a list of properties that fit our criteria. From there Penny took us to view our selections and was invaluable in her knowledge of the Smith Mountain Lake area: from lot topography (flat lot vs. inclined lot) to location on the lake (main channel vs. cove) to water conditions ("good" water vs. "bad" water) to county (Bedford vs. Franklin).  Not only was Penny brutally honest in assessing the aforementioned items she also provided an expert's point of view on countless items that a potential buyer should consider/needs to be aware of...it turns out Penny was always right on the mark!

Penny is fully involved in the community, living here as well as working here...seems all the locals know who Penny Hodges is! As a result Penny is able to coordinate and arrange for the various components necessary in a real estate transaction at the lake: septic report, dock inspection, home inspection and the associated repairs for items needing attention. She is also able to refer what I believe is any kind of business that you might need/want once in your new home...we have personally used several such businesses already (interior design, painting) and are extremely pleased with the results.

Forty days elapsed from our first walk-through of the home we eventually purchased to closing...Penny never seemed to sleep during this time. She was constantly sending e-mail updates on how things were going, what she was doing and what was going to happen next. She also checked in like clockwork via telephone to say hello, see how we were doing and let us know how the transaction was progressing. It was difficult for us to keep up with Penny!

If you are interested in property at Smith Mountain Lake Penny Hodges is the realtor you must contact!

Cliff and Laurie Wade

“Put my success to work for you. It's my pleasure to serve you”

Penny Hodges, Realtor

Penny Hodges
Penny Hodges
16451 Booker T Washington Hwy Moneta VA 24121